A Stereo 3D filmed installation running in a continuous loop of 8 hours.

CLIP0000249_002 ( any image for an expanded view.

Platform is being created using a high-speed camera and later modified to create full stereoscopic 3D – a technique I have been developing for several years. It stretches time, and adds a third dimension, transforming an everyday setting into a mysterious world of living 3D statues, and revealing a hidden beauty inaccessible to those present at the time.

Each section has its own content and tone depending on who is present on that day or evening. A hot summers’ day will yield something very different from Halloween. Choice of lens and exposure also add a ‘look’. The process is a little random (which is challenging and fun) and requires some skill and vision to mould into a finished piece.

Platform begins at Edgware Road tube station, and takes 8 hours to follow the Circle Line around back to Edgware Road again. This journey normally takes 40 minutes. The piece is edited to form a continuous loop.

To me Platform suggests both an apalling transience to our lives whilst paradoxically hinting at something more enduring.

CLIP0000249_002 (
Here in Stereoscopic 3D.
Click any image for an expanded view.


Using this technique, a 10 minute segment, Platform 6, was shot on Halloween 2017. Meant only as a test, it has since taken on a life its own, winning Best 3D at the New Media Film Festival, LA!

Amother segment, Notting Hill, is in competition at SD&A, San Fransisco, January 2020.

Platform 6 and Notting Hill are available for screenings, and need 3D projection and glasses.
Some info and stills – here


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