Platform 6

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Platform 6 was shot over one evening on the North London Line.

Platform 6 is part of a larger filmed installation, Platform, a endless loop of 8 hours. This segment was shot on Halloween and meant only as a test, but has since taken on a life its own, such as winning Best 3D at the New Media Film Festival in LA.

Platform is created using a high-speed camera modified to create full stereo 3D – a technique I have been developing for several years. The process stretches time, and adds a third dimension, transforming an everyday setting into a mysterious world of living 3D statues, and revealing hidden beauties inaccessible to those present at the time.

Each part is different in content and tone depending on what is happening on that day or evening. A hot summers’ day will yield something very different from Halloween. Choice of lens and exposure also add a ‘look’. The process is a little random (which is challenging and fun) and requires some skill and vision to mould into finished pieces later.

To me the Platform suggests both an apalling transience to our lives whilst paradoxically hinting at something more enduring.

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Here in Stereo 3D. Click to view images in a larger window.

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 09.30.47'Platform 6' - Karel Bata'Platform 6' - Karel Bata

Platform 6 was created over the evening of Halloween 2017.
It has been screened at:

The London Sci-Fi Film Festival
EXP Gallery, Hackney, London
Art in Flux, Ugly Duck Gallery, London
LA 3-D Film Festival, LA
SD&A, San Francisco
New Media Film Festival, LA (winner, Best 3D)
EVENT TWO, Royal College of Art, London
Victoria and Albert Museum, London
More to come…

New Media Film Festival 2019 Laurels


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