Out Of Darkness (Virtual Light 1)

Out of Darkness

A Projection Mapping installation staged at the Phoenix gallery in Brighton as part of Alex May’s Painting With Light event in December 2014.

There is a very convincing illusion here of a light moving around inside the room and illuminating the piece. However there is only the one projector, and the effect of this absence is disjointing. Some see it as creepy, some as beautiful. (Few are left unimpressed.)

Out of Darkness Brighton
Click to play video Out of Darkness
note: the flicker visible in the video above is due to camera frame-rate. Likewise the color has been reproduced inaccurately. The live piece is creamy white and free from any flicker or artifacts.

The music here was added during editing for Vimeo. The piece itself is silent.

This installation has also been shown at London Decompressed (Burning Man), Gallery 286, and Flux.



Note to arts curators:
Much of Out Of Darkness can be prepped off-site. But because the specific geometry of the venue is important here the final assembly and filming needs to be done on site. Providing that rigging the projector is straightforward, this would take the best part of a day.
The venue does not have to be blacked out, but the darker it is the better.
I would welcome the opportunity to create a much larger version of this!



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