About Karel Bata

A technician sees a bug and fixes it. An artist sees a bug and explores it.

Born of Czech political refugees, Karel Bata started working in the entertainment industry at Soho’s Gargoyle Club and the early days of the Comedy Store.

Karel spent most of his career in theatre and then film lighting, and now creates artworks that seek to subvert and push the boundaries of perception and experience. Many years ago he created Europe’s first projection-mapping installation using Super-8 film, video, and spinning mirrors. He believes the best art often comes out of the ‘happy accident’, and now works with emerging technologies striving to take the viewer into new and unexpected directions. His work is often an environment the viewer must enter, engage with and experience.

For his recent MA in Stereo 3D at Ravensbourne he created several 3D shorts, which are now touring the festival circuit, and a series of immersive and interactive 3D environments using lasers, projection mapping, and a little magic, that playfully challenge our notions of the space we inhabit.

Karel is currently developing a stage version of Macbeth that focuses on the witches and uses stereo-3D projected scenery.

He is director of the London 3D Film Festival.



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